Executive Leadership sessions are held at various locations throughout the Portland Metro area to promote and inspire business entrepreneurs by assisting them with guidance, resources, and tools to start and succeed in business. Guest speakers include successful entrepreneurs, who share the key to their personal success by prioritizing and balancing life, family, and work.

How can Executive Leadership help me?

Honestly – whether you’re a small business owner or corporate executive, spouse or parent, employee or volunteer, sometimes we simply need sincere words of advice and heartfelt encouragement, other times we need solid facts and real-life examples.

But always . . . we want to hear the truth from those who have been effective at using their God-given gifts, experience, knowledge, and skills to build successful careers, families, businesses, ministries, and friendships. For these reasons, we bring you Executive Leadership – where you can learn from successful business leaders how to live a happy, peaceful, successful life . . . spiritually, personally, and professionally.

“We will help you understand that you shouldn’t limit what God can do in your life or your business by thinking too small in this global economy.  We will help you enlarge your vision, help others, while honoring Christ.”
– Ed Davis,President of Executive Leadership

Patrice Tsague (Nehemiah Project), Dr. Pet Gelsinger (EMC)Robin Baker (George Fox University), Bill Lattin, Ph.D. (Intel Corp)