Thought I’d share some of the pics I took on my cellphone. I got 2-year old Samsung Highlight with only 3 mega pixels camera. It’s not even a smart phone haha… but I love the textures this low quality camera gives out: very noisy, boxy, grungy, pixel textures. Here are some of my selfportraits shot on my Samsung Highlight camera and slightly edited in Photoshop.

Silent Portrait
I used Photoshop levels, dodge tool to highlight eyes and eyebrows. Then displaced parts of an image and that’s it. Beautiful red, green, and blue textures on the face and cool gray textures on dark background are all from my low quality camera. 😉

The Haunting Light
For this one I used Photoshop levels, dodge tool, hue and saturation, and brush tool. Minor extra textures were added to acquire softer feeling but the small, detailed noise and textures are from the cellphone.

3D Awesome
I brightened this image with Photoshop levels and that’s it. This brought up extreme red, purple, green textures. Looks super cool haha 😉

In this one I brought up brightness a little, added white light with Photoshop brushes, and sharpened the eyes with dodge tool. Love deep blue noise and texture from the cellphone. Especially, on the scarf.

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