"On The Outskirts Of My Soul" poetry book by Vadim Makoyed"On The Outskirts Of My Soul" poetry book by Vadim Makoyed

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Vadim Makoyed is a twenty-one year old artist spending most of his time designing, playing music, and serving God in a local church.

In this book, through over fifty different poems, Vadim uniquely captures and describes the emotional and the spiritual life of him as a young man.

Most of the poems have descriptions letting readers know exactly what thoughts and situations inspired Vadim to write. This is very unusual as most of the time readers can only guess what was going on in a poet’s head during the writing process.

“This book is somewhat a collection of many different places I’ve been to since I started writing these poems in the year of 2009. It is not about places I’ve traveled to and visited in the physical world. This book is about emotional and spiritual journeys to the outskirts of my soul.”
– Vadim Makoyed

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