Poster for Kim Clement

Poster for Kim Clement using Russian Constructivism style

Here is another one of my recent posters. To try something different, this time I went more to the Russian Constructivism style of design. Besides many styles one of my favorite is Russian Constructivism, especially when it is modernly represented.

Time after time I always see this style popping out in a TV commercial or on a print design. One of the newest and biggest example using Russian Constructivism is clearly seen in Bryan Singer’s movie “Valkyrie.”

I stired away from ideal RC design, but it was my basis. All content of the poster and some other elements besides the logo are placed on a 15 degree angle. This I did to bring more dynamic feel to the poster, more dynamic and not so static. Unlike usually in Russian Constructivism, I didn’t keep my background clean, simple, or white. But this style is very messy and out of order anyways with all the little shapes. I created the same feel using a grungy background. So, my way was different but the feel remained the same.

Next time you design something, consider trying out some kind of style like Baroque for example, just to expend your knowledge of design and interest to this creative field – graphic design.