Content page for photo book

Content page for photo book

This is the content page of a photo book (see previous post.) Basically what I did was simple and easy. I took a paper, wrote with my own hand all the content information and drew some other stuff like crosses and other words. Then I just ripped the paper and acted really mean to it. After that I took it to a scanner.

The important thing there was that I scanned it with a scanner top opened so it wouldn’t flatten the paper. Because when it does so the scanned image is too bright without all the beautiful details and a dimentional look. The way you see the paper is the very way it turned out after scanning it with an open cover.

I also took some photos and dropped it on top of the paper. When I cut out some corners and blew away contrast a little, this gave better feel that made the photos look more real.

So here you go, a very simple and a very original design for the content page of a photobook. In the making I used; textural photo, document photo, my scanned paper, three other photos on top of it all.