Photo Archive of Vasily Tishchenko

Photo Archive of Vasily Tishchenko

This is a front cover for a photo book or photo archive. In this book is a huge collection of mission trip of Vasily Tishchenko starting from 1997 to 2008.

I wanted this frontpage to be a sneak pick of what’s inside. When I placed a lot of photos on this page it turned out quite interesting. From far, the photos look like texture all together. Everyone can spend a lot of time just looking at the details of the cover, because there are many interesting photos. Inside is made of 154 pages of photographs from the most different parts of the world and are layed out in a similar style as a frontpage, only much larger photos.

The inside pages aren’t ready for web display yet, its going to print right now. Many of the images are the ones I took myself while on the mission trips to Ethiopia, Tanzania, and India.

When this photo book will be ready for web, I’ll let you know, so  you can take a look at that. It has some crazy and mindblowing pictures there.