FCDFF Poster

FCDFF Poster

This my latest finished design for First Cut Digital Film Festival at Mt. Hood Community College. The latest and one of the best so far, to my opinion.

I figured that everyone’s first idea is a clapper and a film tape, so this was the last thing I wanted to have on my poster. But what I wanted to illustrate more is the video guys themselves who are going to be in this film festival. For this reason I came up with this solution you can see on a poster. It is a head of a video operator/editor.

I wanted to creatively and unusually show what is going on in their heads. Being tightly tied up with video filming/editing myself and judging by my experiences, I thought this would really make sence for video guys that came for the poster presentation.

In the illustration, as the head wraps out, you can see many things that are used in video filming. They are all coming out of the head. So the head is filled and overflowing with all of those things. This highlights the fact that all the guys in this film festival are really passionate about what they are doing, their creativity just overflows, they are all about what they are doing. Translating their excitement on a poster is an important thing that makes people want to come to the show.