First Cut Digital Film Festival Poster

First Cut Digital Film Festival Poster

This is a totally different, my second approach on the same First Cut Digital Film Festival poster. You don’t see here any elements particularly about video, yet it is very effective design for a poster.

For this idea I wanted to hilight the word “digital.” I wanted to get the hi-tech, modern, cutting-edge, 21st century, year of 2009 art of video. This digital 3-D face really helps to create just that feel.

What I also love in this poster is my use of large and unusual icon. For posters that are displayed in public places in the midst of many advertisings it is something to pay attention to. The use of large icon or element or picture makes a poster more attractive for walking by ordinary people. Theoretically, poster has only two second to attract to itself a passing by person. And if clients like guys from digital film festival, really want people to come, some crusial decisions need to be made.

This is why this poster is successful not only because I reached my goal, but also from another important perspective. If I created a beautiful design, but it wouldn’t grab no one’s attention, it is useless. But this one isn’t, so First Cut Digital Film Festival can expect a big crowd at the show… nice.