American FlagToday is the day to be remembered. Today is the day to be celebrated. Today is the day when I became an American.

Another one of the biggest dreams of my life came true. Many were born living this dream, but it took me a journey to get to it. And I’m glad. Now I can travel to different places and stay there how long I want to knowing that United States will always care for me, unlike many other countries who show no respect to their people.

I am an American. Today when the ceremony was over, I heard an old man from Ukraine say to his son, as we were walking back down the hall, “I am happy. Now I can sleep in rest!” America truly is the greatest country of all. Traveling to different corners of the world helped me understand this even more.

You can live in France, but you cannot be French. You can live in Italy but you can’t be an Italian. But from all corners of the Earth everyone can live in America and become an American.