DVD case for a collection of mission work

DVD case for a collection of mission work

This is one more DVD case that I got to do this week. It is a golden collection of all recorded mission trips and work of The Love of God IM.

I didn’t know how to design the cover. First, wanted to include some parts from all the countries inside the collection. When I tried that it was very busy, just too much.

So I decided to go totally a different direction and picked out some of the best  photos that I took on one of my mission trip to Tanzania. This photo of a hunter came out to be the best choice for me. It is really eye catching, unusual. The fact that he has a spear with him creates more interst and pushes ideas and willingness to learn more about that.

I am very happy with this simple result I’ve got. Very minor, even elegant I could say, but most importantly it is interesting and makes a viewer want to get to know more about it.