Olga Ledyaev Poster by Vadim Makoyed

Olga Ledyaev Poster by Vadim Makoyed

Having a really close dead line I had to do this poster as fast as I can and as a result it came out nicely in just two hours.

All I had ready are just some elements like direction and swirls that were bought online sometime ago. But the photo needed retouching and to be cut out. Luckily, I didn’t have a lot of text to work with but just couple of phrases.

I think why I was able to do this pretty quick is because I already saw how I want it in my head. It is sort of a revelation or inspiration that in some glorious moments hits designers and makes a design an easy and enjoyable process.

I really like the simple and minor grungy texture on the background, if you already met some of my work, after years it turned out to be some sort of my style that I keep using. Not overwhelming grungy textures make a design more dynamic, bring more motion, and attractiveness. That’s how I feel. And so those were made by two textural photos. I just threw them on a background and masked the inside of the photo so its only on the edges. Other kind of texture is a second photo of a paper. I raised its levels and lowered the opacity.

And so there it is, another poster. In average poster design costs about $400-$500. But if you work fast and still make your poster meet its goals, then I guess you can charge $250 an hour. How great is that!!! Just don’t tell your clients, they might get jelous, who needs extra problems?!