Anna Gritskevich (photo retouching)

Anna Gritskevich (photo retouching)

This is the photo of one of the most beautiful ladies in the whole wide world – my grandmother.  I retouched her photo back in high school when taking graphic design class and I’m still liking the result of the edits.

What I did was very easy, only time consuming. I used “clone tool” in Photoshop 7 (that was a long time ago) and replaced all the scratched and damaged parts.

For the eyes though, I used “brush tool.” With the “eye tool” I picked a color on the edge of the eye, made it a little darker and with a small brush size of about 4 drew around the eye. This made the eyes be more sharp, catchy, and dynamic. This way I sharpened the areas around nose and lips. Then, pulled up some contrast with “levels” and that was it.

So, a really simple way of retouching an old photo using the most basic and easiest tools of Photoshop.