About a month ago, I switched back to Mozilla Firefox. Before I was using Internet Explorer 8, and before it I used Firefox. Latest version of IE looks nice, no doubts here, but I got really tired of so many failures. It would freeze, it would shut down, it wouldn’t log in to some website, and the list goes on. Maybe it is behaving so with Vista, don’t know for sure, but I know that Firefox has no problems with Vista.

I don’t regret coming back to the internet browser I used before Internet Explorer 8. Firefox – how could I let it go! Well, at least I’m back to it. I spend a lot of my time surfing the internet, looking for new stuff, tutorials, etc. Mostly, Internet Explorer really sucks when creating websites. Firefox always gets it, gets how to display what I tell it to in Dreamweaver, but IE doesn’t. It always takes a headache, time, and more complicated steps to make a website work just the way I want to in IE. These are some reasons I returned to my Firefox.

… And next computer I buy, most likely will be Mac.

Here is a funny video about top internet browsers and Firefox. I bet many of you already saw it but for those of you who didn’t – it’s really funny.