Ok, this one is pretty funny, and its in English, mostly.

It was done I believe about three or four years ago for my church (The Love Of God IM.) I did all the filming and editing on this one too.

I filmed most of this video on green screen. The sad thing was that the lighting was horrible, which for green screen is crucial, yet we still pulled off pretty well with a daylight and some construction lights. We put a tripod and just filmed ourselves up against the green screen.

The idea was to create something funny for an upcoming young adult conference (FRONTLINE). So we made up a news program called “Triple 7” made up some words, did several interviews, and it turned out to be hilarious. At the end of the video you can see the deleted scenes of the bad tries with the green screen. So check it out:

You can check out more of my videos at www.youtube.com/indeathproof