Brochure for The Love of God IM

Brochure for The Love of God IM 2005

Hey, Friends! Just wanted to share with you some of my very first works that I did. I started to play in Photoshop 7 in 2004… or 2005, something like that. I volunteered at my church (The Love Of God International Ministry.) This summer job was the beginning of this journey that led me where I am right mow. Because of that start I went to MHCC and now know many of you from Integraded Media program, which is a great priviledge.

DVD case (Clothes of Righteousness)

DVD case (Clothes of Righteousness) 2005

DVD Case (Seven "I Am" Of Jesus)

DVD Case (Seven "I Am" Of Jesus) 2005

Some designs I posted were done in 2005 and some in 2007 during my last year in high school. So, enjoy my “crappy” designs that four years ago looked awesome to me. It is interesting to look back and see how far you got in some time.
Maybe this is an encouraging for some of you to try the same thing. Take a look at your first works, compare with what you’ve got right now and see the difference.It is like comparing first-year work at MHCC with second-year work – one year apart, but the differences are significant.
Jesus Freak Wallpaper

Jesus Freak Wallpaper

Shield Of Faith Wallpaper

Shield Of Faith Wallpaper