Broken Illusion - Project "New Life" For FRONTLINE

Broken Illusion - Project "New Life" For FRONTLINE

“Time to live a new life, given by God!” “Begin together with us. Every Friday@ 7pm” – this is the text on the poster.

This project was done for FRONTLINE – young adult ministry of The Love of God IM for the “Broken Illusion” project. It was created for evangelical purposes targeting specific group of people.

We wanted to spread the word to all the many thousands of young Russian teenagers and adults who are stuck in the prison of drug addiction, alcohol addiction, violence, crime, etc. We wanted to let them know that there is a way out, eventhough it truly doesn’t seem to be so.

My exprerience and friendship with some of those Russian guys helped me to create this poster just the way it would make them stop and think for a second. Think that there is actually another chance, a chance to live a new life, but not just a new life, but life given by God Himself.

Through the photo used in a poster TV illustrates the old life that really needs an update. This old TV got to be thrown away, there’s no use of it any more. TV represents a life, an inner state of being of oneself. It is an illusion, the life in drugs, violence, and alcohol is like an illusion, because all of those young men want to get out of it. There’s something better, there’s something new, clean, and fresh.

This whole room stands for a life. State of being of a sinner is something like that; dirty, disorganized, dead, empty. But there’s a window – an exit, a way out to a clean life.

Many conservative churches close their doors for those kinds of people, so they are left alone, left to die with no hope to return to God and try to live a righteous life. This is why it was important for us to include the phrase “Begin together with us…”

As my friend says, “I really got to change, but I just need to make up my mind, which I can’t do!” This is why the phrase “Time to live a new life” was so important. But we don’t offer some kind of life, but life “given by God!” This is saying “It is time to make up your mind” As Matishyahu sings “Young man, slam your fist on a table and make right demand…” It is time…

And so this poster is a wake up call! To leave that old house, to clean up the room, break the illusion and begin a new life. For Russian speaking young guys this is something they really want. And with this project fulfilled we will find Portland a safer, more enjoyable place. This is why FRONTLINE had decided to do “Broken Illusion.”

This poster will be hanged all over the Portland, Vancouver, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham, and Troutdale. Everywhere where there are targeted people, in Starbucks locations and other gathering places.