DVD Logo For Love of God IM
DVD Logo For Love of God IM

One of the projects I’ve done for The Love of God International Ministry is a DVD love for their media department.

For those who don’t know,  it is actually not allowed to use a DVD or CD logos that is seen on most of the DVD/CD labels, they are copyrighted. But many don’t know and keep using not their logo. Just so you know it’s only OK to do so if you don’t want your money.

And so since LOGIM’s media department produces a lot of DVD/CD’s, they needed an original logo. So for the solution I decided to go for something original, technical, with a more personal touch.


Reaching this goal, I created the disk icon which worked perfectly. It represents the disk wheatear its DVD or CD. And it also represents the religious part of it making it look like a saint’s ring that in many illustrations and traditional churches is seen on pictures and walls. And so with this came a great logo of DVD for The Love of God International Ministry.