To all of you dear designers!

Sometimes we need to take a break. We deserve it, time after time we really do! What to do when creativity goes to sleep? How can I wake it up? What to do when I feel like the worst designer out there cause I just can’t think of any ideas and what I try to do looks really ugly to me?

I found a solution for me – take a break. Sometimes we, the designers, are so caught up in designing and working that all day we see nothing but our monitors (better ones see two monitors, if not more.) And so its like drinking up all the water at once without saving it for later. That’s why time after time it feels dry inside, that’s why there is a desperation for inspiration.

And so to refill your mind with fresh waters of inspirations, I recommend all of you to take a break. Relax, get away from computers, go to sleep, and in the morning you’ll wake up to a new light that will shine for you new ideas from above. When creativity goes to sleep, go with it. Creativity isn’t a Sleeping Beauty, it can’t be in that state forever. So, don’t’ worry.

Rest is what has to be the irreplaceable part of our daily lives. We aren’t robots, no. We are the best, the most beautiful and unique design in all the universe, designed by The Best in our field. )