Anybody… anyone… I need help! I am doing more than half of my graphic design work for Russian clients. As we all know typography is an enormous part of a graphic design and sometimes is crucial.

There is a problem, huge problem that just gets on my nerves really badly – Russian fonts. It is impossible to find good, new with style fonts in Russian language. 95% of all fonts are very old, overused, out of style, unprofessionally made,… really bad!

I searched everywhere online, I asked all of my friends about any place where I can find anything good. I called back to Belarus asking this question. I even went there myself and to my expected surprise I didn’t see anything new. Even in the capital city where there are so many advertising all over the place, all the fonts are very old and ugly. Maybe I searched in wrong places, but if you have any ideas or helpful info, please, please let me know!!!

I’m thinking, maybe I should learn how to create fonts and draw my own Russian fonts. If there’s desperation for them someone can make a fortune through this. But the negative thing is that most of Russian graphic designers don’t even realize this huge need for Russian fonts, they don’t really care.

I got to do something about it, but I need your help!